Month: January 2018

Karma; She’s definitely a woman

Another man, when used by a woman with Ms Karma, can instantly destroy another mans ego, pride and challenge the abilities of his “thing”.

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One More Step….learn to walk or be eaten…Alive!!

How do these prior service-members learn to “live structured in an unstructured world?”  
They have to learn to walk, or be eaten my vicious animals waiting on them to fall.

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Perception; too is 9/10th’s of Law

It’s an old adage that claims that “perception is 9/10th’s of the law; simple put, if it looks like some thing is wrong to others, then unless you can prove otherwise, then its wrong. Ok, ok.  I know they say this about possession not perception. But I honestly believe this holds more truth to perception […]

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A Life Lesson; Round 1

I remember the 5-days prior, so vividly.  My youngest son and I were on our way to church.  We were taking pictures just because we were dressed up nicely, feeling and looking good.  This was a joyous time, we were going to praise the Lord on this Sabbath day. This is also the day that […]

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Intuition; That 6th Sense

Our 6th-sense will guide us without rhyme or reason. Pay attention

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Discipline is required


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My military marriages were the same as most military marriages, textbook. They both happened while in the military; they both ended, while in the military. Some would say that military marriages are higher on the divorce rate chart than civilian marriages.  I mean, truthfully, I would almost agree with this simply because it seems most […]

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Choosing what you want to do when you grow up is something that most kids discuss with their parents.  For me, I was no different. In my mind, I wanted to be a singer.  However, growing up in the 70’s and 80’s was the era long before the internet or singing competitions that made dreamers […]

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Self-Blame is Real!

As 2017 was coming to a close, there were several cases of work-place sexual assault and sexual harassment cases.  That year closed with highlights involving a lot of people in prominent and powerful positions.  These cases ranged from men (particularly) that were CEO’s to news-broadcasters to music moguls.  These cases, in my opinion, were part […]

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Resiliency, anyone?

  From the time we lace up the first pair of combat boots or the first time we strap a duffel-bag on our backs, we as soldier, turned veterans are resilient.  We heard the Drill Sergeants (DS) yell and tell us to “suck it up and drive on” or “take a knee, and drink water”. […]

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