Discipline is required



To achieve any type of goal in life, a certain level of Discipline is required.

“Exercise to lose weight”. Discipline is required.

“Starting and successfully launching a business”. Discipline is required.

” Write a great book”. Discipline is required.

Moving to a higher quality of life involves more than just thinking a thought, or dreaming a dream or hoping for a hope.  Discipline is required.

Four distinct components are needed and are usually embedded in each of us.  Those areas are defined in the cornerstones of our

  • mentality
  • emotions
  • physical, and
  • spirituality

Strength is also needed in each of the components.  You have to have the strength to push that extra mile to finish the race.  Strength is needed to be mentally strong, emotional strong, physically strong and spiritually strong.

Taking life to the next level requires growth in your mental strength; expanding the way you think or the way in which you look at things.  To do this, Discipline is required.

To grow your emotional strength, one would suggest to eliminate wearing your feelings on “your sleeve”. Something I’m personally guilty of doing. In order to change and get past this,  I know that Discipline is required.

Physical strength to go the distant when your brain tells you to quit, Discipline is required.

If all of your other components work together creating a perfect synchronization of a sort, then this is the strength of your spirituality.  To be in tuned with this, Discipline is required.  

When you want to crawl up in a ball, and give-up; Yet you don’t.  You keep going.

You don’t give up.

You don’t accept defend.

If this is you, then maybe, just maybe, you possess the

 Discipline that’s require.

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