Intuition; That 6th Sense


My intuition has been my guide for the most part of my life.  I use it to make tough decision and I use it when I find myself in situations whereas things aren’t like they seem.

Some would refer to this as a “gut feeling’. Some would tell you that you have a voice that speaks to you.  That voice makes decisions regardless of ‘rhyme or reason”.


I’ve experienced dreams that has come true. I’ve had visions that has sent chills down my spine. I know others can relate. There are times when Ive ignored these ‘gut feelings’ and later regretted my decision in doing so.

Many have expressed this sixth sense as an unconscious reasoning that forces us to do things that we have no idea as to why we do these things.  It’s the subtle knowing of something and not having an idea of as of “why”.

Soldiers have been in situations where their 6th sense has been the reason they achieve or survived confrontations with the enemy during war. Over the past 4-years, the military has implemented a $3.85 million dollar program called Enhancing Intuitive Decision Making Through Implicit Learning, which will be used to allow military scientist to build computer models to aid in the development of training programs to help with soldiers being in-tuned with what has been referred to as our “6th-Sense” or “Spidey Sense” or even a “Hunch”

When we thing of this in its entirety, do we believe this is Gods way of empowering us to be more in control of out decision-making?

Its been said that people who are guided by their 6th sense, do things differently then those who are not. Some have even argued that our intuitions is the highest level of intelligence. 

They listen that inner voice that brides the gap between our instinct and reasoning.

They are better creators due to the fact that they function more so on intuitiveness

They observe everything and everyone around them by noticing others body language and their personal ‘gut feeling”

They do not act on negative emotions as they know that seeing things through negative lenses will alter their decision-making process.

I personally believe that my 6th-Sense, “Spidey Sense” or “Hunch” has been my saving grace in many situations. Because of this, I have found out my husband was having affairs; I have prevented incidents from happening to myself and others; and I have known certain things were gonna happen therefore I was more able to control my emotions when the event did occur.

I don’t know why this is this way.  I can’t for surely say that this is the highest form of intelligence.  All I know that I’m grateful for this ability.  I know that in many instances this sense has been my “saving grace“. And for this I believe that our “Intuition is our 6th-Sense “

How to you use your sixth sense of intuition?

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