Perception; too is 9/10th’s of Law


It’s an old adage that claims that “perception is 9/10th’s of the law; simple put, if it looks like some thing is wrong to others, then unless you can prove otherwise, then its wrong.

Ok, ok.  I know they say this about possession not perception. But I honestly believe this holds more truth to perception than possession

Let me explain.

According to Joseph Banks Rhine in 1934, he believed that perception meant that humans can go beyond their senses when it comes to the way of

the world.  He conducted an experiment that he believes proves that humans have other extrasensory perceptions also known as ESP.   The major extrasensory perceptions are known as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retro-cognition, mediumship, and psychometry.

I personally believe that I am very in-tuned with my telepathy extrasensory.  I can recall several times when I’ve thought something someone else was thinking, they said it and I shouted “I knew it, I knew it”.   OR the times or two  when I’ve thought of a person and on cue, they call me as if they knew I was thinking of them.  The lists that supports the idea that I have telepathy goes on and on.  However, those who are reading this are either thinking 1). I too have an extrasensory perception or 2) this girl is crazy.

Perception 9_10th's

Lets assume for a second I’m not crazy.  I want to prove why perception should be 9/10ths of the Law. Both intuitions or ‘gut feelings’ and ESP are both known to be the unproven 6th sense.  Now, a perception is different then an intuition.  An intuition is a “gut feeling” for no apparent rhyme or reason whereas an ESP bypasses the use of any of the other 5 senses.  Ironically, many scientists believe that everyone is indeed born with a form of ESP but many are not in tuned with it or have yet to realize its power within themselves.

To compare intuition to ESP read my previous blog:

Intuition; That 6th Sense 

Now, I get into this whole matter of ESP and perception to discuss my real topic of discussion, the way in which we really use perception in our everyday lives.

Trust me it has nothing to do with ESP but I though the above would be educational!

When we deal with relationships regardless of the type, the way in which one party perceives a message is that person’s perception.  Again, this decision is made by disregarding any of the other 5-senses.

Case in point, if you are dating someone and they tell you they love you wholeheartedly, then you will automatically observe signs that supports the love they claim to have.  However, if they are ignoring you , disrespecting you, not spending time with you, never calling, never doing romantic gestures; odds are you will begin to believe the love claim to have is not true.

Another way to use our perception is when someone claims to be a friend.  A friend is someone who will be there in the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad.  They will cry with you and laugh with you.  They will tell you when you are wrong yet try to help you to ‘get right’.  Sometimes, they will dislike a person because you dislike them.  If you break up with someone then they too break up with them.  Your friends will bail you out of a bad date by calling you and telling you there is an emergency and you need to leave now.  Yes, they are your friends.  If you ever run for a political office, they are the person that needs to be murdered because they know ALL your DARKEST SECRETS! This is the way you perceive a friend to be, your perception of the definition of a friend.

On the other hand, a friend is not someone who talks about you when you aren’t around to their other friends.  They do not my any means tell your secrets, they do not let you leave the house in an unappealing outfit, they do not talk to your ex behind your back and tell them things they are aware you did while the two were dating, they do not post pics on social media when you were drunk and passed out.  The list goes on.  But you get the geesh.  These are not friends!

I say all this to say:

Let your perception be your 6th sense; be 9/10ths of the Law.

Let it guide you.  See things at face value, period.

Peoples actions will always speak louder than their words.

In the words of Maya Angelou:

“When people shows you who they are, believe them the first time”. 



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