Karma; She’s definitely a woman


We’ve all heard the expressions of “karma being a bitch” or “karma has shown HER wicked head”.  I too believe that karma is indeed a WOMAN.

I mean let’s be honest, women are the only beings that feel a certain level of rage that makes us give ‘pay-back” in wayS that cuts deep, TO THE CORE.  We are passionate folks with a talent that takes pure emotions and brain to lead.

Whats amazing about us is the fact that we are also most things that a man IS..  Granted, we don’t have the same testosterone levels in which men have, however in the womb, all humans start off as the man specie and transform from there.  personally, I believe this is the stage in which we instill the thoughts, emotions, characteristics and other traits as men.  But, God took us one step further. He gave us all that then extended u to be something even more great.  Wo-Men!.

I have heard some stories in my day that have literally made grown men cry and things that have ULTIMATELY taken them to their knees.  I would go on a ledge and say these stories were 99% dealings with a woman.

The things that I truly taken back by, is the way in which men are able to dish out certain things and believe that they have the woman on “lock”.  I admire the ego of a man.  That ego is grandiose in nature but its the first thing that’s typically hit the hardest.  Then there’s the pride.  When this is present (not most show this), this is the second biggest attribute of a man.  Then theres that “THING”.  You know the thing in which I’m referring to.  Some have a lot; some have a little; it just depends on what line in heaven he stood in the longest.  Some choice things in that order, and some used reverse order but no matter what they are all TIED very much TOGETHER.  Ego, pride and that “thing”.

So imagine when Ms. Karma shows up. Yes, we are giving her a prepositional name.  Ms! Usually she aims for all three.  Whats amazing, when it comes to a woman, again 99% of a man problem, forget what Jay Z says, in one swift swoop she can destroy all THREE.  In an instant!!

Another man, when used by a woman with Ms Karma, can instantly destroy another mans ego, pride and challenge the abilities of his “thing”.

I’ve given You the answers to the test.

Lesson Learned: Newtons 3rd “Law of Gravity”- For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”



I know, there are some who oppose this or who may even be offended.  However, as a woman who’ve gratefully lived nearly 45-years, I believe I have earned the right to speak candidly about women. Besides, some people need to hear this.

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