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The world knows that last night was Super Bowl (SB) LII.  Typically, I don’t root for either team but during the SB I always pick a team. Last night just as last year, it was New England.  Tom wasn’t as he was the previous year.  Although Im touching on the game, this isn’t necessarily about the SB, as I’m sure there will be several blogs on that very subject, I just wanted to set the stage. There were a few folks gathered over to my neighbor’s house for a small celebration and to watch the game.  The crowd consisted of about 3-men and ~7 women (8 if you include my 4 y/o daughter).

Near the end of the game, all I know is there was conversation with 1-man & 1-woman, then a beer cap was thrown towards a neighbor friend and for a few minutes things got heated.  It ended in curse words, hot tempers, and the neighbor slamming the door on her way out.

Now, this neighbor of mine is active Army; a senior Non-Commissioned Officer.  Lets remember, she in this situation she was the victim not the victimizer.  One thing that was stated was ‘she’s military and she is a little more aggressive”. (something along those lines of what was stated)

Really? A stranger throws something towards your face and you react because you are military?  That’s the consensus of the group? Please don’t insult us.  We are more discipline then just that….Her response is one that anyone would have given, if not worse!! Her reaction had nothing to do with her being military. PERIOD!

With all this being said, I can’t help but to wonder “how does the world, civilians, those who’ve never served, VIEW OUR MEN & WOMEN OF THE ARMED SERVICES?

Do they believe we are mentally ill, hostile, aggressive, have severe PTSD or undisciplined as people? Unable to control our anger and emotions?

Do they believe we are broken people? Un-fix-able?

Do they believe we are much different then everyone else? Shattered human beings?

Its disheartening to say the least.  I take the allegations so personal.

But maybe we are unique.  Unique to the point that we are inherently protective of one another.  Yes…that we are.  After she was gone, I voiced my objection to the entire ordeal.  My opinion was direct…”if it had’ve been me, I would’ve acted just as so, if not worse”.  I made sure that everyone knew, ‘don’t pretend as if it was not a deliberate act; don’t pretend that each of you would have shook it off as a joke”!  Wrong is wrong.  I felt a need to defend and protect her.  In fact, I believe I took it damn near as if it had happened to me.

So yeah,

Message to the world; civilians; those who’ve never served;

Maybe we are different.  just maybe some of us are broken or un-fix-able.  But we are a family even when we aren’t family.  Those on the outside, will never understand that especially those who’ve never served.

So even during the post game, AFTER we’ve served, we will always have a commonality,  family and with family….. “THIS WE’LL DEFEND”. ALWAYS!

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