“Decoration Day”: cooking-out….with memoriam….



Tomorrow is what this nation calls, Memorial Day.  A holiday that allows vacation days to be used, barbecues to be done and partying throughout the whole weekend,  just like the 4th of July.

Memorial Day marked on the calendar as the last Monday in May, to recognize those men and women who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the US militaries.  Originally known as Decoration Day, this day became an official holiday in 1971, years well after the start of the Civil Wars.

As this day also marks the unofficial first day of summer, its primary purposes are often times overlooked or unimportant.  This day is meant to remember those who were the pillars of “selfless-service”.  This is the day that graves are visited, monuments are grandly opened, statues are revealed, and beautifully memorialized words are spoken, all about those-who-have-passed-on.

“Survivors remorse” happens when simultaneously “all gave some-and some gave all” becomes a monumental moment in time that will forever change THE LIVES of everyone involved. It’s THOSE who lived after a veteran has made the ultimate sacrifice while THEY survived it. It’s that person who somehow believes as though he/she could have miraculously prevented the other veterans fate; single-handedly.

What do we do before we get to that last Monday in May? What about the days prior? The weekend connecting that day where most people will be work-free; beach-bond; and grocery-store shopping…. looking forward to some kind of celebration.

During this weekend, we will see these people.  We will pass them on the street; we will tell them “thank-you” for your service; we will shake their hand to show our gratitude for their personal sacrifices; we will drive pass the ones who may stand on the corner and solicit for money claiming to be a veteran; AND we will attend or be the host of a cookout, all in the name of an American holiday.

Decoration Day

But then there will be those of us who will pause to remember “the fallen”; place a particular coin on a headstone; shed a tear as the pain continues to linger no matter the past time;  OR cook AND be the host of a cookout so that you can honor who’ve fallen yet, you SURVIVED.

“Decoration Day” aka Memorial Day, will have those who will not understand its gallantry history, It will have those that didn’t have will get Memorial Day confused with Veterans Day.  It will have those that believes it just a “day-off” work coupled with a. chance to fire up the barbecue grill. However, you will have those who will remember the term “survivors remorse”. We will have the ones that feel as though this day marks a day that they feel they dot deserve to celebrate. We will have those who invites others because they are the grillers.

But, we will have some who will relive that monumental moment in time that will forever change THE LIVES of everyone involved yet they are the grillers and the survivors and they have chosen to honor this “Decoration Day….cooking out…with memoriam….”




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