About OMS

One More Step, LLC (OMS) was founded in 2017 by Army retirement CPT Yasheka G. Foster-Newmy.  Her vision for OMS is to provide veterans with the additional help that may be needed outside of traditional medical or psychological treatment.  Coach Sheka has first hand experiences with transitioning from military to civilian life, a life that had become foreign throughout the years.  Her struggles and learned lessons provides her the understanding to coach and mentor other veterans who may need to remember and redefine themselves, post-military.

Veterans has had the unique experience to live three lives in one lifetime. “YOU” pre-military; “YOU” during the military; and “YOU” post-military.

The post”YOU” has DRASTICALLY changed from the person your pre-“YOU”. There are tons of emotions; a daunting feeling of IRRELEVANCE & the constant anxiety in trying to identify with “Who are you” and ‘Where you fit within this big world?’

How do you learn to live structured in an unstructured world?

How do YOU learn to walk down the middle?

How do you learn to put one foot in front of the other?

As a Veteran Focused Purpose & Vision Coach, I assist those through the roadblocks and barriers to get to the person they want to be.




Central Texas College, TX; Associates General Studies emphasis in Psychology

University of Incarnate Word, TX; BA Psychology of Organizational Development;

Liberty University, VA; MA Marriage & Family Counseling with emphasis in Licensed Professional Counseling.

Certified Professional Life Coach, Life Coach of Orange County

Certified (NOVA), National Organization of Victims Advocate

Certified (SARC)Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Certified (MRT) Military Resiliency Training

Licensed Cosmetologist, VA

Free-lance Make-up Artist



Retirement Counseling Association (RCA)

American Counseling Association (ACA)

American Christian Counseling Association (ACCA)



Yasheka is a veteran Army officer with nearly 25-years of active duty services; she served 15-years as an enlisted soldier which also consisted of being an Army Drill Sergeant; She served 10-years as an officer in which her duties included company commander, Brigade S3 and Brigade S1.

She a mother to 2-sons, 2-step-daughters and 1-custodial daughter.  She’s a marathon runner and spends much of her time reading and improving her crafts.




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