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Certified Professional Life Coach, Veteran Focused Purpose and Vision Coaching MA Marriage & Family Counseling I specialize in helping veterans find their life purpose after the military. I help veterans tap into those skills we have within, those forgotten skills, and relearn to use them as necessary to learn to "live structured in an unstructured world". Marriages are complex; having a coach to help overcome its obstacles and bumps in the road is a must.

Hey Veteran “Does your military skills translate to a civilian skills?”

According to, the US Army offers over 200 Military Occupational Specialists (MOSs) available for recruits to choose from, provided they score accordingly on the Aptitude exam.  The US Navy offers over 100 careers ranged from fields of Arts & Photography to Aviation, Business Management, Operations or Transportation,  just to name a few. The US Air Force […]

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“I’d be naive to believe”……

Suicude… do we help those even when theres no sign?

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Veteran women are the epitome of strength. Yes we wont always fit in, but we just as other women we are tenacious and capable. Period

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“The Realization of Irrelevance “

“The Realization of Irrelevance” Finding your “You” after the military.                                    ****Order your copy today****                      Now available on Amazon.    

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“Decoration Day”: cooking-out….with memoriam….

  Tomorrow is what this nation calls, Memorial Day.  A holiday that allows vacation days to be used, barbecues to be done and partying throughout the whole weekend,  just like the 4th of July. Memorial Day marked on the calendar as the last Monday in May, to recognize those men and women who’ve paid the […]

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Dear Mr.Secretary….

Could it be the way we are made to feel? Irrelevant?

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“I am a subject matter expert” said the veteran.

Veterans who seek employment in the civilian sector faces many  different set of challenges and obstacles then non-vets.  Both the civilian employers and other civilian workers, hold a belief about the military that impacts hiring the decision to hire. There are some beliefs that are true however, there are some that are myths. Dispelling some […]

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Please handle with care..

Theoretically, the average age to graduate from college with a Bachelors is around 22.  For these graduates, immediately,  if not prior, try to work in the area in which they’ve chosen to educate themselves in.  For a 22/23 y/o to take a job making $30K per year is pretty reasonable as they do lack the […]

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Post Game

With all this being said, I can’t help but to wonder “how does the world, civilians, those who’ve never served, VIEW OUR MEN & WOMEN OF THE ARMED SERVICES?

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Karma; She’s definitely a woman

Another man, when used by a woman with Ms Karma, can instantly destroy another mans ego, pride and challenge the abilities of his “thing”.

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